More reddit thievery


Man one hard thing about just reposting reposts is when it’s genuinely not funny or interesting or clever and all of reddit (maybe all of the world! the universe!) disagrees with you. It makes you feel small and dumb, like a tiny republican.

This shit straight dun blu mah mand. Hee yuk.

If you look at this baby hedgehog long enough it appears to be spiraling out of the page at you. Troubling if true.

This homeless guy actually went so far as to have the ring dropped, accidentally, in his cup appraised, and instead of selling it for the 4 G’s he said it appraised for (WHERE?) he gave it back to the couple who lost it. They ended up raising nearly 200K for him, helping him clean up, get a home, reconnect with family. Cray-zee.

Every time a meme gets popular, there’s backlash, and someone ends up ultimately making a meta-meme of the meme about memes being irritating. Every. Time. So huh.

Moot is retiring from 4chan. Adios dude.

Owl. I’m out.

Thursday: Front page on reddit

OK, let’s see what’s what on reddit today. Everything here is unabashedly stolen from posters on reddit, who stole it from somewhere else generally.

The top post on r/all as of ten til ten PST is a Guardian article on David O Russell‘sĀ favorite comedy of all time, Groundhog Day. Rotten Tomatoes agrees, with a 97% “Fresh” rating…oddly enough one of the films that had pretty broad popular appeal but a lower audience rating than critic aggregate (87% from the audience). I think this guy really made the film.

Here’s an Imgur gallery of white people having trouble.

Here’s Gizmodo promulgating a terrible myth in regards to a terrible piece of legislation (the awful CISPA zombie laws). And no, that’s not the definition of insanity, dammit.

Here’s the widely shared story of a local government realizing that the separation clause means what it means. Dopes.

I like gifs.


I’m in a state. I quit smoking. My glands and other parts are all aquiver. I tore my house to bits and am slowly reconstructing it from leftover bodyparts and Lowes delivery vans. There’s wood on my floors. Something shed like a million leaves behind my oven. I’m not even kidding, I wish my withdrawal-addled mind had been working better and I’d taken a photo. It’s almost as weird as the approx. billion bees behind my grandpa’s microwave.

I swam in a lake recently, in Arizona. I suppose I may have drifted into California while in the lake.

A furniture delivery guy banged on my door at midnight. I didn’t answer. That’s just not cool, furniture delivery guy. You scared me.

I feel like sores are not healing as quickly on me.

There’s a 15 week old fetus growing in the other room. Little booger. It has developed recognizable junk, and we’ll be able to say “girl” or “boy” next week or the week after. I’m curious.

I’ll be 60 when this kid is 20 and my kid will be 40.


Life is weird and weirder and I’m just a damn lens it is blasting through. Maybe I can flex a little and alter its pattern & patter.

pope ain’t no monkey

I was searching for something totally unrelated, and i noticed the phrase “the pope ain’t no monkey!” and it got me thinking, and then my brain kind of garthed out and i ended up on some totally random pathway thinking about chimps and whatnot, and remembered what i was doing but not why, and somehow ended up with this:

Irregardlessly, i think it’s a good idea to continue to keep the evangelicals suspcious of catholics and jews, which they do anyways because they’re crazy-assed idiot religions tell them to, for the purpose of diluting their mindless borg-powers. i bet if you sold bumperstickers that say “the pope ain’t tellin me how to pray!!!!1!” with like a picture of a .45 on em, you’d be a millionaire.
Or something like. I don’t ever want to miss a chance to make fun of religion.