pope ain’t no monkey

I was searching for something totally unrelated, and i noticed the phrase “the pope ain’t no monkey!” and it got me thinking, and then my brain kind of garthed out and i ended up on some totally random pathway thinking about chimps and whatnot, and remembered what i was doing but not why, and somehow ended up with this:

Irregardlessly, i think it’s a good idea to continue to keep the evangelicals suspcious of catholics and jews, which they do anyways because they’re crazy-assed idiot religions tell them to, for the purpose of diluting their mindless borg-powers. i bet if you sold bumperstickers that say “the pope ain’t tellin me how to pray!!!!1!” with like a picture of a .45 on em, you’d be a millionaire.
Or something like. I don’t ever want to miss a chance to make fun of religion.

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