More reddit thievery


Man one hard thing about just reposting reposts is when it’s genuinely not funny or interesting or clever and all of reddit (maybe all of the world! the universe!) disagrees with you. It makes you feel small and dumb, like a tiny republican.

This shit straight dun blu mah mand. Hee yuk.

If you look at this baby hedgehog long enough it appears to be spiraling out of the page at you. Troubling if true.

This homeless guy actually went so far as to have the ring dropped, accidentally, in his cup appraised, and instead of selling it for the 4 G’s he said it appraised for (WHERE?) he gave it back to the couple who lost it. They ended up raising nearly 200K for him, helping him clean up, get a home, reconnect with family. Cray-zee.

Every time a meme gets popular, there’s backlash, and someone ends up ultimately making a meta-meme of the meme about memes being irritating. Every. Time. So huh.

Moot is retiring from 4chan. Adios dude.

Owl. I’m out.