Wednesday morn

So apparently my roommate has a feed for my site and she was concerned that my last post was due to drunken craziness instead of my normal brain malfunctions. I can say, happily, that while I was indeed drunk while writing it, I stand by every word.

Sarah woke up with Trampled by Turtles running through her head, so I found this live version of “Wait So Long” for her to enjoy:

The bass player is so endearingly awkward.

The Kings put a third period all up in the Blues’ backsides last night. They come in trailing 4 to 1 and then go out with a 6-4 win. How much do the Blues hate playing my fellas? Love it. Also: Never fight Kyle Clifford. He will fuck you up so bad. Lucky #13, the Big Red Dog.

Note also the lack of fucks given while he skates off after hitting that guy so hard he forgets his kids’ names.