Doop di Tooozday

Heavy shit I’ve been writing! Maybe something less heavy today. Media consumption perhaps?

I read the Cormac McCarthy book The Road, which was made into a movie starring Viggo Mortensen (Mac from Sunny: “VIRGO MORTENSTEIN!”[punches a girl in the face]) . I liked the book fine, it was a bit brutal. But knowing Viggo was in it, and making the character in the book look like him, was tough in my brain because I haven’t seen the movie, I just know he was in it. So while I mentally invented the kid from whole cloth, I had to use Aragorn to stand in for the man, which made for some odd moments in the story, in my head anyway.

Fig. 1

I’ve begun watching a series on Netflix called “Lost Girl“. It’s possibly the worst show ever. Take the cheesiness of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and remove the charm of the writing, replace that with awkward Canadians trying to act like wise-cracking Americans (but oooh how they struggle not to apologize every time they insult each other!). Sprinkle liberal doses of side-boob, butts, and near-Cinemax-level sex scenes (they refuse to show a nipple for some reason, on a female at least, but everything short of full frontal seems to fly), and for some reason I can’t stop watching. Luckily there’s only two seasons on Netflix and I’m almost done, the fever will run its course. One redeeming quality is the sidekick chick Kenzi. She hits my right in the golly-she’s-pretty areas. No officer not the bathing suit areas. I’ve always been a sucker for the waify big eyed lots of eyeliner type. See Fig. 1.

I started re-reading The Kraken by China Miéville (still no idea how to spell that dirty Marxist’s name). Still as enjoyable as I remember. You go, Mee-yeh-ville? My-ay-vee? My-vile?

The second book in Justin Cronin’s Passage series is out. I’m going to wait a bit to get it, I don’t have money to spend $18 on an ebook right now. I may re-read the first one, too. That story was pretty funky if I remember correctly, with like a hundred years just popping up between chapters at one point. I will report!

Here’s a song for Nikki.



Middle Brother

Middle Brother

Early in the morning too hungover to go back to sleep.

Every sound is amplified, every light so dizzying.

Listen for a while to the neighbors having sex

Wishing I could lay my aching head upon your breast.


Can’t I dream another dream?

Can’t I close my eyes and wander back to sleep?


But I’m daydreaming about you.

I know that it’s wrong.

That I’m daydreaming about you

Cuz I’ve been daydreaming for so long.


A Bloody Mary afternoon, waste my time out in the sun.

Hum myself some melodies, maybe I can sing you one.

Maybe I could find you sitting down at the cafe.

Maybe I could join you at your table today.


Can’t I just get what I want?

Can’t I be the man that steals away your heart?


But I’m daydreaming about you.

I know that it’s wrong.

That I’m daydreaming about you.

I’ve been daydreaming for so long.

Yeah, I’ve been daydreaming for so long.


Later in the evening take the bus down and see the show.

He’ll be behind the bar. I’ll get a beer, leave a tip and lay low.

I’m just a kid that gets his drinks from you

And stands around and doesn’t have a clue.


Can’t I hold you close to me?

Can’t I ever say to you just what I mean?


But I’m daydreaming about you.

I know that it’s wrong

That I’m daydreaming about you.

Cuz I’ve been daydreaming for so long.

Oh yeah, I’ve been daydreaming for so long.