mayor sanders

San Diego’s Mayor, Jerry Sanders, yesterday made an announcement that he’s reversing his position on gay marriage, and supporting it. He said his daughter is gay and he can’t maintain his anti-gay-marriage position.
That’s good, that he changed positions, and I support that. I think it’s a ridiculous position, and have never once heard a reasonable argument for denying gay couples the franchise of marriage. I think it’s a contract between two consenting adults and no one should be able to tell them what they can or cannot agree to, period. I think it’s a good change for moral reasons. But, so typical of Republicans, he made the change when it was someone in his own family who would be affected by his stance. Not because people in other families would be hurt, of course, but his own kid. His tearful press conference made me kind of annoyed. It looked to me like he was fishing for news coverage of something that common sense should have made him do a long long time ago.
I’m still waiting, by the way, for anyone to offer any reason whatsoever as to why gay marriage should be an issue of government responsibility. Seriously, I’ve never once seen a reason. Also, I’ve never seen any proofs for:
Gay marriage hurting heterosexual marriage
Gay marriage failing more than heterosexual marriage
Gay marriage causing more abuse than heterosexual marriage (though this is the only one i’ve even heard a peep of a rumor of possible actual research into
Gay marriage negatively affecting children more than heterosexual marriage
and so on and so on and so forth. So, in the manner of Babyfight, FUCK YOU you fucking “social conservatives”. Give me a fucking reason you prick. You have none. You’re basing social policy on NOT LIKING SOMETHING, something that has nothing at all to do with you, and you fucking suck donkey testes.

family, right

Karl Rove to retire. Claims he wants to spend more time with his family…his son in college. while your child is away at college is surely the most likely time you’d want to spend time with him. nothing like having your dad wandering around campus…hey wait…wasn’t that in American Pie? i think that Rove would wanna be the one porking a baked good, but only if it was in the shape of a firm boy bottom. it’s almost a requirement of bigoted douchebag republicans to be closeted gays now isn’t it? no wonder they promote nasty undead creatures like ann coulter so rapidly