The Hotness Judge

It takes a while, but eventually you can appreciate certain types of internet commenter for their inner beauty, their style, their utter poetic ridiculousness.

One that struck me today was the hotness judge. People who prattle on endlessly about how “hot” various celebrities are. “Yeah, she wasn’t that hot, I wouldn’t do her” they pronounce, sadly, as if a great tragedy has occurred. As if the twitching of their trousersnake is somehow important in the vastness of the universe, and, damn it, people need to know. As if successful, young, attractive, wealthy actors need their genital’s approval.

These people are useful in long comment threads as punctuation. Often they snap me out of a reading trance and let me move on to other pastures. They are also handy if I need to, for whatever reason, shake my head in amused dismay.

There’s other types, of course. Perhaps a taxonomic breakdown will come in handy. There’s quite a few related types to the hotness judge, people who weigh in on what they like about anything solemnly, from cars to planets, jewelry to yachts, but primarily things they a) have zero chance of ever acquiring and 2) were not, indeed, asked for their opinion in regards to. I’ll see if I have the wherewithal to do so.