Wednesday…what the fuck can I write on Wednesday?

I once got in an argument with a girl who insisted that you can pronounce it “Wed-nes-dee” and be correct. I wasn’t full on gladiating with her, but I was skeptical. So I went and looked it up and she was right. In English that’s fine. So happy Wednesday. This is the last Wednesday the 16th 2011 you will ever experience in your life, barring a sudden change in our calendaring system.

I watched a documentary called Gasland and it made me less heart-hurt for the probable loss of our country escape/redneck-a-palooza out in Colorado. It’s probably riddled with cancerous shit from hydraulic fracturing for gas in the area. There’s at least a half-dozen wells on the property. The movie did, unfortunately, make me cry like a tiny tittybaby at least five different times. We’re losing our nation to corporations and our land is being poisoned by the endless pursuit of profit. A few will live richly and you and I will starve and die diseased and helpless. Unless we change things somehow, of course.

I spent weeks investigating the USB cable on my drawing tablet only to realize it’s a standard USB-Mini-B cable. I feel like a dolt. So I drew a picture of myself being stupid with it.

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