Wednesday day

I went over to my grandfather’s old place this morning to help my mom move things. Apparently my great aunt or what your grandpa’s sister is had been staying there for the last couple years after he passed away and had basically left it a ruin, cat claw marks everywhere, fridge is broken, blah blah blah. She was going to stay for four months. Anyway, we went through a lot of stuff, I took pics of all of it. My mom wanted to share the pics to see if anyone wanted any mementos or anything. Then we started bagging things up and boxing em. There’s a ficus on the back porch I got my eye on. Found a couple fishing reels I took with me too, and some fridge magnets. Forgot the sailboat painting. I want that sailboat painting.

Then I got home, did a few emails and worky things, and did almost an hour on the old eliptical. I’m feeling pretty ok, not terrible. Three days in a row of about an hour of moderate exercise. Let’s make it four tomorrow.

I learned how to play “Infinite Arms” by Band of Horses on guitar also.

Just the chords, not the dreamy parts.

I had a dream
I had a dream
That I was your neighbor
About to give birth
And then everything
Was really hurt
And I was so lonely
I didn’t see It’s like
Living in a movie
Twisting the plot
My friends and family
The little things I’ve got, I’ve got

When my thoughts drift to youI love the morning

I like to listen
To 4am birdies
Begging to feed
Now there’s something here before me
A figure, I think
Isn’t there a warning
Or something to drink
My god, my god

When my thoughts drift to you

These mended bones
The storms approach
Ever so slowly
Out on the sea
There’s an animal below me
Lack of control
Others came before me
Others to come, to come

When my thoughts drift to you

F, Em7 repeats for the verses
then G, Am, Bm, C for the “when my thoughts drift to you part. There’s two times they do the drift chorus twice, and between you go back to the F for a few strums before it’s G time again. The last one you play slowing down. What do they call that in musicality-based societies?