Oy. So, why the fuck is everyone dropping a nut over Ahmadendigjirianad again? Last I checked, he’s just a mouthpiece. So is it possible that one mouthpiece (Bush, mouthpiece for multinational corps) is going apeshit (well, through proxies) about another mouthpiece (Ahmeadachoo!geshundtheitiddinendjad, mouthpiece of the psycho fucktard islamodickface mullahs and whatevers), and all because Iranian Mouthpiece took the time to go to Columbia and get yelled at by a university president? Shit, I’d do that, if I got an appearance fee. I’d agree with whatever the dick said.
Trust me, I think Iran’s polices towards, well, basically everything are as shitty as they come. I also think that if someone gets invited someplace, you at least treat them with chilly, stupid courtesy. Putting some shmo with a bad beard up on a dias and calling him names is shit-headedness in the extreme. It’s stupid. Why not put a cardboard cutout or handpuppet up there? At least you won’t stick your idiot face into the fucking-up of diplomacy, which Bush and his craptacular cronies are handling just fine on their own.
And, on top of everything else, this Holocaust-denying, homosexual-executing, mullah-fellating douche DOESN’T EVEN RUN THE COUNTRY that all the neo- and paleo-cons are clamoring to start a new massive money drain in. It’s run by a bunch of creepy ayatollahs sitting in, I dunno, temples or some shit. So yelling at the mouthpiece they “elected” is about as useful as yelling at the and puppet I mentioned above. And it might be more useful than yelling at Ahmendihgkdjghfkdjghijan, since the hand puppet may, outside chance, make someone laugh. This Iranian a-hole did, I’ll grant him, get a laugh. When asked about the situation of homosexuals in Iran, which executes them, apparently (I haven’t looked it up), he said “In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals, like in your country. I don’t know who’s told you that we have it.” The audience at Columbia laughed at that.
This guy is exactly like Borat (add, in Iran, with the power to decide if you live or die), playing chicken in a tiny VW Bug against a massive semi-truck. “We do not have, how you say, homosexual? How tell you this?”
I have no good way to wrap this post up, I’ll go on all night if I don’t quit.

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