I don’t even know when I last posted

I don’t want to check!

Last night I was driving uber and I picked up a guy named Siddartha. He was visiting a friend and seemed unhappy about it. Later that night, I picked him up. He was in a better mood, and stated “Man, I just needed some weed!”

I also picked up Erin from a gym. She asked if she could get personal and of course I said yes. She told me about her new boyfriend who was jealous of her male platonic best friend. I told her she was being honest, and trust was earned by exposure to hurt, and that if he can’t deal with that better now than later. She thanked me, and I dropped her off on a dark dirt road behind a fancy hotel that seemed really weird.

Jared was in an alley being hugged. I thought it was a hug of affection but it was a hug of desperation, he was near incomprehensible with pain. His friend I tried to gather was hurt badly somehow, and all her friends were gathered to help each other. “She saved my life man…” “Too much weight” he said pointing at his temple. “No questions, I’m sorry”

Seconds to minutes to hours homey. Hold fast.