I am on hold

kind of, with a guy who sounds suspiciously like Pedro from Napolean Dynamite. This company sucks hairy, poop-encrusted donkey testicles (globat.com). They add on special features with an OPT-OUT email, where if you don’t opt-out they start charging you $50 a month for marketing bullshit. It’s a total evil fucking scam. They did it to me on this site, to the extent that I had to move to a new host. I literally got on the phone and told them: “Do not send me another unsolicited opt-out service add-on. I will quit, and I will report you to the Better Business Bureau, blah blah blah waaahhhh” and then I pooped my pants. Of course, a week later, bam, “Here’s a great upgrade you’ll be getting wether you like it or not!” in my fucking email. One customer support shitfit later, and I got to spend an evening moving to a new web host. Joy!
Anyways, never sign up with Globat. They suck ten assholes.

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