it’s still wednesday dammit

Small Brown Bike
“The Cannon And Tanks”
Our Own Wars

i know that this might sound strange,
but i can’t think of a better way to say that if i could find the words i’d tear them out of my throat
and crush them into your eyes.
so i wrote myself a list of things that i’ve been meaning to say.
i forced them out of my head, but i can’t find your eyes.
i try to call it a truce, approach you crush them out of my life, convince you.
a walk is all that i need;
this ambiguity feels like a knife in me.
sixteen blocks without any thanks,
i feel that i think the cannons and tanks.
all of these wars that i try to explain get defused so many times so i play with my shoes,
i’ve learned to untie them with my eyes.
i try to call it a truce, approach you crush them out of my life, convince you.
call it a truce, crush them out of my life.

Here’s a youtube search for “Small Brown Bike”. While I don’t see that song specifically they’re a great band that ended too soon. This one is especially satisfying because my brother played it on saturday when I was hanging out and it was basically a blank mp3 on his system, no tag info, and it took me til today to figure it out, and I did. I also forgot the name of the band that the guy in Shopgirl plays in in real life. Sun Kil Moon.


nicely summed up “controversy” over “evolution” (i don’t think anti-evolutionists even understand it):

There aren’t two sides in this debate, unless you count presenting the facts as one side, and presenting a batshit insane lie as the other.

That’s basically the rightwing’s whole approach, to economics, to geopolitics, to science, to everything they do. “Well, now, you may have the facts and figures and pretty logic on your side, but I didn’t come from no monkey!

Wha? Of course not, asshole. Why would monkeys still be around? Anyways, read the link, it’s good stuff.

well now

I thought my answers were pretty reasonable, I don’t consider myself militantly anything, other than militantly pro-Constitution.

You scored as Militant Atheist, Willing to take theists to task, the Militant Atheist is someone who knows deep within themselves that there is no god and they want to tell you all about how they know. Even though they’re as annoying in their own way as militant theists, this is often a phase of development and doesn’t tend to last very long. If it does, they’re in danger of becoming an Angry Atheist and making everyone uncomfortable.

Militant Atheist


Angry Atheist


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Scientific Atheist


Spiritual Atheist






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