the Twin Cities I-35 collapse is horrifying…but it’s just one of either 36 or 37 collapses since 1989 (i can’t remember exactly), according to a dude on NPR. that’s two bridges a year… a member of the American Association of Civil Engineers stated that the only way to fix this is to…fix them. he also said it’s sad that it had to be a disaster this big to get people’s attention. but that’s not true…the levees in New Orleans were a civil engineering failure, and there was a steam explosion in Manhattan that was the same. These are the inevitable result of long years of anti-government policies, shrinking of spending on infrastructure, and a general loss of the “we’re all in this together” attitude that characterized the New Deal (which is when a lot of this failing infrastructure was built, by the way).
so either we’re in it together, and we pull together and fix and properly maintain our shared assests, ie the infrastructure…bridges, tunnels, pipes, dams, canals, powerlines and other stuff, or we fall apart even worse, and slide back into a primitive tribal state.
what do you think is best?