Dead babies

You’ll note that the alleged “pro-lifers”, the most dishonest term a group ever labeled itself with, are mot screaming and freaking about about this. Probably hard to get their heads around anything that doesn’t make them feel super-cool and all jesusy. Fucktards.
I’d like to know what they’re prepared to do about it. The US has a better record on infant mortality, in the industrial world, than…Latvia. Nothing against Latvians. But, err, you know…wealthiest country in the world, all that. Of course, “doing something” would require helping poor people. And BROWN PEOPLE! Oh mah gawd, if rich white xtians started helping brown people, then where does it stop! Next thing you know they’ll be raising families and having a longer life expectancy! Getting good paying jobs! Where will our serfs come from?! Won’t anyone think of the serfs!
Nah, instead, we’ll just let babies die, because we don’t want government running healthcare. Never mind that a single-payer system has nothing to do with government running healthcare and everything to do with people helping each other. Let’s just stick with that “rugged individualist” bullshit the lying “conservatives” and pie-in-the-sky libertarians yammer about.
Bunch of shitsuckers.

chog for bloice

today is the anniversary of roe v. wade, and i’m bloggin for choice, as ikoi said to do. if i could, i would have chosen to go back in time, and tell my last night self not to drink so much and end up horking on my bathroom floor. i have not done that crap in a long ass time. surprising. i didn’t even think i had that much to drink. maybe it’s a giant tumor.

i’m still a little loopy, i’ll try to do a better post later. hungover, got to work late (at all), blah blah blah

here’s a better blog than mine

UPDATE: Dude, it could totally be liver failure too. sheesh! Here, do this.