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wanking with my tracker

lookit this!

Visitor Detail
IP Address
Date 11 Jul, Wed, 22:57:29
Net Speed Corporate/T1
Organization U.S. Department of State
Browser MSIE 6
Continent North America
Operating System Windows XP
Country United States
State / Region Virginia

US State Department? WTFˆˆ? Hokay.
Who dis?
IP Address
Date 12 Jul, Thu, 06:17:51
Net Speed Cable/DSL
Organization Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College and Grad

I'm totally #8 on yahoo for Party party join us or something like that. Rock out.

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  1. Teh gooberment is tracking you for lulz.
    Or they are spending our tax money, looking for cat image macros on teh tubez.

  2. who doesn’t like cat image macros, biatch

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