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mayor sanders

San Diego's Mayor, Jerry Sanders, yesterday made an announcement that he's reversing his position on gay marriage, and supporting it. He said his daughter is gay and he can't maintain his anti-gay-marriage position.
That's good, that he changed positions, and I support that. I think it's a ridiculous position, and have never once heard a reasonable argument for denying gay couples the franchise of marriage. I think it's a contract between two consenting adults and no one should be able to tell them what they can or cannot agree to, period. I think it's a good change for moral reasons. But, so typical of Republicans, he made the change when it was someone in his own family who would be affected by his stance. Not because people in other families would be hurt, of course, but his own kid. His tearful press conference made me kind of annoyed. It looked to me like he was fishing for news coverage of something that common sense should have made him do a long long time ago.
I'm still waiting, by the way, for anyone to offer any reason whatsoever as to why gay marriage should be an issue of government responsibility. Seriously, I've never once seen a reason. Also, I've never seen any proofs for:
Gay marriage hurting heterosexual marriage
Gay marriage failing more than heterosexual marriage
Gay marriage causing more abuse than heterosexual marriage (though this is the only one i've even heard a peep of a rumor of possible actual research into
Gay marriage negatively affecting children more than heterosexual marriage
and so on and so on and so forth. So, in the manner of Babyfight, FUCK YOU you fucking "social conservatives". Give me a fucking reason you prick. You have none. You're basing social policy on NOT LIKING SOMETHING, something that has nothing at all to do with you, and you fucking suck donkey testes.


bruce fuckin campbell

I'm watching bubba ho-tep with charles. Ossie Davis and Bruce Fuckin Campbell, baby.
It's pretty damn good, actually.


I suck

Here's something to read. Being some smallish part of the "liberal blogosphere", which makes me cringe, I have to admit that in terms of actually doing or accomplishing anything at all, I do indeed suck mightily. I engage in the equivalent of hiding on tall buildings in the war zone and tossing comfy pillows with bitchy messages on them at those I dislike. Written in really stinky marker with dirty words, but still, comfy pillows. I can't even get up enough energy to make a stinking sign, and I have a printer here at work that will print out 24" x 40 feet or so. I could churn out signs galore. But do I? Nah. I suck.
I know other people suck, but that's not the point. Labor Day let me reflect a bit on the fact that there have been people in our country, in the whole world, who fought against corporate overlords and government oppressors to get a little slice of the pie for their families. They put their lives on the line and were quite often injured or killed by those same oppressors. From the Robber Barons to the current New Gilded Age, they stand up to fight the aristocrats. The founders knew that a permanent landed gentry is anathema to a democracy, and built in controls like the estate tax to help against the effects of massive wealth accumulation. The last 50 years of conservatism has been backlash to rebuild the royal class, and it's worked. The next fifty years have to be all-out political effort to return those hard-fought gains to the worker, to the middle class, or democracy will disappear completely, even this sad shell that's left right now.
So fight.


scry? cream?

the two words that immediately leap to mind for combining scream and cry are taken, so i'll just say, reading THIS made me do all four. Seriously, read the whole thing.

Here's the best part:

"In this post-911 era, it is the absolute responsibility of the FBI to follow through on any tips of potential terrorist activity," Parris says. "Are people going to take exception and be inconvenienced by this at times? Oh, yeah. ... A certain amount of convenience is going to be offset by an increase in security."

Convenience? FREEDOM. Freedom to move, to go through your day not under surveillance, to read what you choose without intimidation. Who's the fucking stooge who called the FBI, I wonder?

We should all call the FBI, every day. Every chance we get, we should tell them something suspicious. Basically ratchet up that noise to signal ratio til spying on American citizens in our own country becomes useless.

The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.
Benjamin Franklin


iowa poll

leading into the far-distant iowa caucuses, which show us what...iowans....think about presidential prospects, we find that 51% of Iowa Republicans want us out of Iraq in six months.
Not "51% of California Liberals" or "51% of New York Elites" or "51% of Miami Beach Crossdressers"
Those are Midwestern conservatives. People who, in a very real way, are responsible for getting our people in there where they are killed every day. People who helped us to achieve George W. Bush.

Why isn't Congress bringing them home?

Congress won't do it. They won't even entertain the idea of impeachment. The Executive branch, wholly-owned subsidiary of GOP Inc and the Halliburton Corp, won't. They don't give two fucks. They like watching people get killed, it's fun on the teevee.
The Judicial branch won't do it. They are a minor holding of the above companies.

The only people who can do it are We the People. We have to engage in direct and indirect activities to get A) war-profiteering Democrats and 2) Cowardly congresscritters of any stripe OUT of congress, and get real Americans with some spine in. 2006 was a start...but it didn't work. Congress rolled over on FISA, ran from the Bush Escalation, and won't even THINK about impeachment. They practically need a lie-down every time Bush says "veto!" We need fighters and scrappers in congress, ones without the milky teat of corporate money clenched firmly between their teeth. The good part? We can elect them! WE can, not the corporate-owned media. But WE have to get off our asses. If the Dems won't do it, the only logical reason is that they, or their masters, are profiting insanely from this disgusting meatgrinder they've built in Iraq. And they want it expanded into Iran and Syria!

So stand the fuck up and stop crying. We have 2008 coming up, and we have pressure we can bring til then. It's Americans that got these fools elected and it's Americans that will have to whip some ass if they don't do what we want. Iowa Conservatives, California Liberals (hi!), New York Elites, and Miami Beach Crossdressers, everything between, beyond, and to all sides of them...If we don't, no one will.



Ok, my new host is interesting. I apparently can publish via ftp to blogger, but only if i'm willing to wait 9 hours for it to complete uploading, and occasionally have my entire site deleted, like happened last night.

this has been quite a journey. almost wish I'd just paid globat the 50 bucks they were trying to extort from me. if they'd ever once said anything other than "tough shit, pay up" to me, i would have. assholes. now i hate them again. good old anger. you can always rely on it in times of worry.

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Reason #654322567

Why George W. Bush is the biggest spooge-ball to slide down the side of a wank-booth since his daddy left the White House.

"People have access to health care in America," he told an audience in Cleveland. "After all, you just go to an emergency room."

What he's basically advocating is a system whereby everything breaks. Health care breaks...hospitals systems break...our nation, which is seeming pretty broken already, breaks again, into tiny chunks. It's easier to be big and rich on a tiny chunk of America, which you can hide or defend from the poor weak brown and smelly masses.
What we have in W is not an aberration. It's the final, inevitable consequence of a rotten to the core system of crony capitalism as well as capitalism by privilege. He himself is a product of lying wealth, dealing with enemies, and class warfare, all the while professing hatred for the same.
It's safe to say that the opposite of anything Bush says is what he intends. So when he says he wants to keep you safe...look out.


rare saturday lyric

UPDATE: a midi file for the song. Ryan swore up and down he could make it fit on a guitar. Honest. No, really.
okay. anyone who hasn't read terry pratchett's "discworld" books, or reads this post and doesn't immediately read one, has officially lost at least 50% of the respect that i had for them. if i have much to begin with, that can be a crippling blow.

The Hedgehog Song
Nanny Ogg

"Bestiality sure is a fun thing to do
But I have to say this as a warning to you:
With almost all creatures, you can have ball
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

The spines on his back are too sharp for a man
They'll give you a pain in the worst place they can
The result I think you'll find will appall:
The hedgehog can never be buggered at all!

Mounting a horse can often be fun
An elephant too; though he weighs half a ton
Even a mouse (though his hole is quite small)
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

The spines on his back are so awful thick
you'll end up with naught but a painful prick.
He has an impregnable hole when curled up in a ball,
Hence the hedgehog can never be buggered at all!

Screwing a cow while she goes moo-moo
Will be entertaining to both her and you
Or you might try a tiger, if you have enough gall
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

A fish is refreshing, although a bit wet
And a cat or a dog can be more than a pet
Even a giraffe (despite being so tall)
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.


You can manage a snake, though its poison might kill,
It's amazing how humping a camel will thrill
You can go with a snail if you slow to a crawl
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

You can ravish a sloth but it would take all night
With a shark it is faster, but the darned beast might bite
We already mentioned the horse, you recall
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.


You can roger a skunk if you can stand the smell
Or even an oyster, should he let go of his shell
A troll can be rocky if down you should fall
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

For slippery fun, you can cornhole an otter
Or pego a pig after parting his trotters
Or tumble a tapir, though the prospect appall
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.


For prosimian fun, you can bugger a lemur
To bolster your name as a pervert and schemer
The lemurs cry "Frink!" as a coy mating call
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

Antipodean pranks -- you can futter a wombat
Or strive with a 'roo in venereal combat
Or hump a goanna -- go on, do it all
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

A moose is amusing, a squid quite confusing
Or try on a rhino if you fancy a bruising,
Or mountin' a mountain goat (careful, don't fall!)
but the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.


lee rix

Dinosaur Jr.
Green Mind
"Blowin' It" seach. myspace

I been thinking through the night
Everybody's so uptight
People hurt and that's their right
Cut 'em all loose, think I might
Stewin', hangin' out in town
And my head whirlin' around
Don't trust your mind, it'll let you down
Don't have a thing to go on
I don't know a thing to say to you
I don't know a thing to say to you
There's a time and there's a place
It's not now, it's time to pace
Things I'd say but just can't face
All it means to say them
I could believe the things I feel
Then tomorrow get the same deal
Am I acting on something real?
Or am I blowing it again?
I don't know a thing to say to you
I don't know a thing to say to you
I don't know a thing to say to you
I don't know a thing to say to you

You can listen to all the songs on their new album "Beyond" on their website, or their myspace page.
One time, i had the shirt for this album on at the Fox Photo across from SMHS, and the chick behind the counter took one look at me and got panty-twistitis to such a degree her head nearly popped off. "don't you think that send the wrong message to children, that it's ok to smoke?" I was taken aback...where the hell did that come from? But i rallied, and asked her if she thought maybe someone's parents had more to do with it than a tshirt some malnourished moron was wearing. She sniffed angrily at me. i gave her the over-the-shoulder finger on my way out the door. I like that move. one of these days i'm going to get nailed in the back of the head by a mug of toasty cocoa or somethingsimilar for my adios-finger. ah well, the price we pay to communicate in a way we wish.

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blog pwnage

Ds yr wblg wn y?

43.75 %

My weblog owns 43.75 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

as with most online quizzes it could use a little better inflection, as it were. too many "yes/no" answers to questions that could be "1 through 10".
Here's a kitty.

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