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I don’t even know when I last posted

I don't want to check!

Last night I was driving uber and I picked up a guy named Siddartha. He was visiting a friend and seemed unhappy about it. Later that night, I picked him up. He was in a better mood, and stated "Man, I just needed some weed!"

I also picked up Erin from a gym. She asked if she could get personal and of course I said yes. She told me about her new boyfriend who was jealous of her male platonic best friend. I told her she was being honest, and trust was earned by exposure to hurt, and that if he can't deal with that better now than later. She thanked me, and I dropped her off on a dark dirt road behind a fancy hotel that seemed really weird.

Jared was in an alley being hugged. I thought it was a hug of affection but it was a hug of desperation, he was near incomprehensible with pain. His friend I tried to gather was hurt badly somehow, and all her friends were gathered to help each other. "She saved my life man..." "Too much weight" he said pointing at his temple. "No questions, I'm sorry"

Seconds to minutes to hours homey. Hold fast.



So officially I went a year without an update. There's posts I took down for various reasons.

Bizarre. Could this be the end of Babyfight? I guess not. Here I am posting.


Holy fuck I’m slow on the updates

Well, in the last few weeks I got a job, diverticulitis, and a girl baby. I saw her ultrasound-represented face a couple days ago. Early signs point to "cute baby".

Being on antibiotics has kept me from drinking, and I've gone to bed earlier as a result. I'm interested in what will happen that first night I feel okay to have a beer again. I'm doing okay not drinking.

My kid came home from school for her 21st birthday party. Indicative of my recent life: I was hired, celebrated a birthday milestone, had a baby shower, and was hospitalized all in less than 20 days. Quite a run.

I'm enjoying a song by the band Deer Tick right now. Quite good.


Long weeks

The house renovation is slow since I basically have one day a week of skilled labor, the rest of the time is just me and Des. But it's happening. This week is "no sink week" in the kitchen. I don't think it's as catchy as "Shark Week" but it may take off. Perhaps a viral video is in order.

I don't take enough videos. I bet I could do something fun with them, and it's good practice to keep my editing skills up to snuff. This week will also be "video week". Sinkless video week.

Fringe is quite a good show. They manage to convey quite a complex set of motivations and emotions for characters, without a lot of the typical blank spots TV characters must have to make a season work. I'm sad it's over. I guess there may be a movie?

I keep getting scratches and cuts at an amazing rate.


Well now

I'm kind of stunned right now. For a lot of reasons. I thought I had poisons in me but I guess I don't. My head is spinning a little...I think I'll just post some songs. Listen to them carefully, OK? They're fucking good songs.

I am a breathing time machine.

I got a big big mouth that just won't shut up!

I thought I knew, but I don't know if I know.


Took a walk

I took a stroll around Kit Carson Park today. I hadn't been there in a while, and Ikoi and I powerwalked the length of it. It was good to get a tiny little sweat on, after my potato-like sitting about ways lately. I'd not seen the sculpture garden they built in there. I took a pic of Ikoi celebrating.


I also stopped by the pond and communed with the ducks for a while.


They did not seem to give a fuck. Ducks are like that.



For some reason…

...she still thinks that "I don't want to talk to you" means "I should talk to him". I'm so fully done with everything to do with her. I'm looking forward to things finalizing very much.

All that rubbish aside, Charles showed me some good bands, Trampled By Turtles and The Devil Makes Three, I added them into the hillbilly playlist.

That fiddler and the picker are on all the crack.

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If anyone’s curious

We're going to divorce. She got in touch with our facilitator and finally responded to something. So we should be on our way by the end of the week to a glorious dissolution of our 12 year relationship.

I'm going back and forth but primarily I'm feeling some relief. She had the same problems with me and her life the entire time we were together, and she never seemed to want to fix it. She caught me off-guard with this a couple months ago, and things fell apart pretty rapidly. As I told her, numerous times: if you're not happy, you owe it to yourself to move on. I tried everything I could to get her to come work things out with me, but in the end she couldn't do it.

I honestly hope she's happy someday, and finds whatever it is she's looking for. I refuse to regret my life with her...I did my damnedest to be a good man. I'm going to go forward continuing to try and be a good man, a good father, and look at the world, in the words of Ashitaka, "with eyes unclouded by hate".

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Such a time

Right now I feel so low.

I've got a lot of bad things happening. My job has disappeared, and I'm not sure how I'm going to make my mortgage payment. My kid's car is basically collapsing and I'm not sure how I'm going to pay her tuition to school. And my marriage is basically in complete collapse, with my understanding wife saying she may want to possibly at some ill-defined point in the future work things out.

Honestly, I'm not feeling all that great.

I thought it would be good to write about it here, since I haven't written here in a long time and no one reads it anyway, but it does. not. feel. good.

So fuck this

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Happy Halloween

When I was a kid the big Halloween kerfuffle was razor blades being hidden in candy to slice up children's mouths. It never happened as far as anyone knows. A friend of mine did have his little brother put a thumbtack in his mashed potatoes once, but that's just a fucked-up little kid thing. He totally bit into it, too. That hurts my face just thinking of it. But I digress. More kids will get killed by drunk drivers this year than by razor-blade candy, yet people are hardly hysterical about the unbelievable carnage drunk driving leaves on the roadways. I think "safety theater" is more important than actually attempting to be safer, for most people. Like carefully putting on a seat belt, then driving ten feet off another car's ass on the freeway at 90 MPH. You literally cannot save yourself from a collision at that point. There's physically nothing you can do. But that seat belt! You're being safe!

Since the wifey is off in LA being fantastic I have nobody to trick or treat with, and kids never come to our condo complex. Maybe it's because I sit on the front porch in my underpants cleaning my shotgun, but maybe not. I am a little bummed we get no trick or treaters. It seems it would be fun to scare children. "Soon you will be fat and old! OoooOOOooo!"

I just recently read through the "500 Greatest Albums" list by Rolling Stone put together a while back, and "Nothing's Shocking" clocks in at #312, "Ritual De Lo Habitual" way up at #55. It's subjective of course. There's plenty of albums on there that I wouldn't wipe my ass with, and a shiiitload too many Dylan albums. We get it, you middle-aged Rolling Stone editors like Bob Dylan. Quit it. Personally, I think Jane's "XXX" album should have been on there as well.  The funniest part about any subjective list on the internet, of course, is that nearly EVERY FUCKING PERSON IN THE WORLD will instantly start arguing about how your subjective list is TOTALLY WRONG AND HERE'S WHY. Endlessly until your house fills up with bile. In the past, I've remedied this by fixing the person arguing with me with a look and asking "Are you telling me my opinion of this [subjective thing] is wrong? You know what I like better than I do?" and that usually changes the subject pretty fast, or ends up in a fistfight. But the internet...oh the internet. So full of anger.

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