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Bobby Jindal: Unbearable

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is a national disgrace, and Chris Matthews, despite his other idiotic failings, sees that clearly. The guy is a creepy mix of horrorshow handpuppet and pathetic drowned goat, and he talks like Forest Gump is handing him lines real-time from under his podium, Police Academy-style. Wait, that was a blowjob. Great now I'm picturing the retarded Howdy Doody getting blown by Tom Hanks.
Jindal has a long list of horrible shit in his pocket, but first and foremost is his insistence that bible shit be taught alongside science. I'm all in favor of having more instructional choices in our high schools. You want a comparative religions class? Great! That would be awesome. But science departments deserve to be used to teach science. Inserting "intelligent design" or whatever else creationists have decided to call it into science classrooms is fucked beyond belief.

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