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Awesome prison escapes

Honestly, I agree with some of the theoretical underpinning of incarceration. The US has gone way, way, fucking overboard in implementing it, to the territory where human rights violations live (see: untreated medical conditions, horrific overcrowding, the current hepatitis epidemic, trust me it goes on like this for a long time). One thing I've always had a soft spot, however, is the prison break.
Yes, I know there's bad people in there, see sentence one.
But Cracked fucked up. They put together a list of awesome prison escapes, and they didn't mention PAPILLON. There is NO motherfucker in the world more dedicated to escaping and living his life than Papillon. Perhaps every word in the book wasn't true. But even if only one in five of the fucked up things he went through in that book actually happened, he's still dragging the world's biggest pair of balls behind him everywhere he escapes from. Let's just say this: Henri Charriere, AKA Papillon, was sentenced to a life sentence at a penal colony in French Guiana. He ended up living free and happy in Venezuela, most decidedly not a French penal colony.
That is pretty awesome.

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